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15 Aug 2018

Two-Minute Chinese Lessons

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    New sites to learn Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese

    Hi, everyone,

    Sorry that I didn’t have enough time to update here.

    We have more podcasts to learn Chinese Mandarin at and learn Cantonese at

    You can still ask questions or make a topic request here and we can publish new lessons to your needs for the mp3 download or podcast learning.

    Happy Learning!

    Oh, you can may follow us at or

    Have a nice weekend and happy learning


  • Posted on 06 Jun 2009

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    Cantonese Lesson One: Food (1)

    We’ll talk about food and restaurants in our first 3 lessons. Can someone listen and post what you can hear from the podcast?

  • Posted on 09 Mar 2007

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    Mandarin Lesson One: Food(1)

    Huan1 ying2! Welcome to the first Mandarin lesson. This is Paul. Chinese consider food is the number one important stuff in life. Who else doesn’t ? Food is the basic needs of human being. So let’s talk about food in our first lesson. 1) min2   yi2 shi2 wei2 tian1 (  people  consider food as heaven ) 2) chi1 fan4 (  eat    rice = have a meal ) 3) can1 guan3 ( meal house = restaurant ) 4)  ji 1 ( chicken ) 5) niu2 ( cow ) 6) yu2 ( fish ) 7) xia1 ( shrimp ) 8) rou4 ( meat )   9) cai4 ( dish or vegie ) 10) zhu1 ( pig )

    If you master the above words, you may know how to say these:

    ji1 rou4 (chicken meat) niu2 rou4 (beef) zhu1 rou4 (pork ) yu2 rou4 (fish meat )

    We’ll learn more next time. See you.

  • Posted on 09 Mar 2007


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