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17 Oct 2018

Typeradio Podcast

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Type is speech on paper, Typeradio is speech on type. Typeradio, the radio channel on type and design.

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    Jeff Devey 1/1

    Jeff Devey is a sign painter, letterer, pinstriper and hot rod builder fromTwin Falls, Idaho, USA. Jeff basically lives the coolest dream ever, as he started out mainly specialising in race car lettering and striping. In this interview he talks about how he started at car shows and developed a professional career as a signpainter. Recorded at the Letterheads Amsterdam Signpainters conference, 2016

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  • Posted on 16 Jul 2018

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    Mike Meyer 1/1

    Mike Meyer has been sign painting his entire life. and an active member of the Letterheads movement. Since 2013 he has been workshops all around, and he appears in the film Sign Painters.
    In this interview, Mike Meyers talked to us, in a very reflective way, full of personal anecdotes, about his practice. And his trespass of knowledge through teaching, for which he advices to apply the three D’s: Desire, Dedication and Discipline… and a fourth letter, the T of Time. Also about the renaissance of the sign painting craft. Recorded at the Letterheads Amsterdam Signpainters conference, 2016

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  • Posted on 02 Jul 2018

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    Brody Neuenschwander 1/1

    Having done research in medieval manuscripts, Brody Neuenschwander completed his doctorate on the methodology of German art history in 1986 at the Courtauld Institute in London, while studying calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute. This crossed education carried him to become a professional calligrapher with a passion for the relationship between writing and language.
    Among other things he talked to us about tools, the different ways of teaching writing to children in school nowadays, the presence of calligraphy in art and how to deliver messages through the written words –as he did for Peter Greenaway’s movies; contributing with a very valuable insight into the role of calligraphy in society.
    Recorded at the Letterheads Amsterdam Signpainters conference, 2016

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  • Posted on 26 May 2018

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    Paul Cox 1/1

    Born in 1959, Paul Cox is a multi-talented French artist. Although keen to become a musician he is well known for his graphic design, illustration, paintings and stage art. Inspired by music and 19th century paintings, his work is characterized by improvisation and crossing borders between literature, dance, architecture.
    As an author of children books, he created ‘Abstract Alphabet: a book of animals’ published in 2001 by Chronicle Books, where colourful organic shapes make up the letters, which form the names of twenty-six different animals. Cox has started collecting the whole of his work (paintings, installations, illustrations, graphic design etc) in book form, the first volume of which, ‘Coxcodex 1’ was published at Editions du Seuil in 2004.

    Recorded at the Integrated Conference 2015, Antwerpen, Belgium

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  • Posted on 06 Apr 2018

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    Joost Grootens 1/1

    Joost Grootens is a Dutch graphic designer, who studied architectural design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. He established Studio Joost Grootens (SJG) in 1995. His studio is very well known for their information design, infographics and the design of books related to architecture, art, design, photography, research… Analytical thinking and the use of type as an essential element, are the main traits. In his own words: ‘Every book is about celebrating the printing process.’
    Recorded at the Integrated Conference 2015, Antwerp, Belgium

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  • Posted on 06 Apr 2018


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