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21 Oct 2018

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This is a weekly talk show about hunting and fishing, take an adventure through the woods and waters of Michigan through the eyes of the Up North Journal team.

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    Episode 485, How To Become An Archery Hunter, Dirty Food Plots, WV APR Group

    Mike and Dan give info for a person who wants to start hunting and do so with archery equipment.

    1. Hunter Safety
    2. Set a budget
    3. Work with a pro shop
    4. Shoot as many bows as possible
    5. How to pick a bow

    What is a Dirty Food Plot?

    1. Irregular edges
    2. Down trees along the edges
    3. Cover along the edges
    4. Natural looking area that is inviting to mature bucks
    5. Using cut trees to create cover along the edge of plots
    6. Natural vegetation growing in your plot

    West Virginia Hunters For Better Buck Management

    1. Group in WV looking for better buck management by the DNR
    2. Looking to decrease the amount of bucks you can take in a season.
    3. Possible Antler Point Restrictions
    4. Group is looking for like minded hunters to help push the agenda forward
    5. Ideas like this are popping up in other states
    6. Better herd dynamics also can cause loss of hunting property due to leases increasing etc....

  • Posted on 15 Oct 2018

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    Episode 484, Bowhunting Michigan's Upper Peninsula, How Do Hunters Dispose of Deer Carcass' in CWD Zones, Hunters for the Hungry

    Dan takes off up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to bow hunt

    1. Bad weather
    2. Completed a stand project
    3. Dan tells his story of shooting his buck
    4. Mike is a little under the weather and has to make a quick pit stop for the first time ever during the show
    5. Danny talks a little about how the snow changed deer movement on the second day

    A little talk about a tree saddle

    Dan talked about how his new Stan's release worked in a hunting situation

    Dan talks about what he does with the gut pile after field dressing a deer

    Dan is going to try deer heart!

    A friend of the family shoots her first deer

    Another family member takes two bucks

    What do you do with a deer carcass if you're hunting in a CWD zone?

    The boys talk about Hunters for the Hungry and how you could get involved


  • Posted on 08 Oct 2018

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    Episode 483, 2019 PSE Hunting Bow Lineup, Dan Jasa Discuss' His Experience in the 2-18 World Field Archery Championship, Ez Cut System

    Mike and Dan talk with Dan Jasa of PSE Archery about the 2019 Hunting bow lineup from PSE!

    1. 2019 Evoke 35 & 31
    2. 2019 Carbon Air Stealth 35 SE & EC
    3. 2019 Drive 3B
    4. 2019 Bow Madness Unleashed
    5. 2019 Uprising

    PSE Rifle!

    1. PSE has now started a precision rifle component division
    2. Target rifle chassis built for 700 short actions
    3. Hog Saddle
    4. D rails and Swiss Locks

    Donnie Vincient shooting PSE bows

    1. They story of how he got to shooting PSE
    2. Rivers Divide
    3. Who We Are

    Dan talks about his experience shooting the 2018 World Archery Field Championship

    1. How he made the USA Team for the worlds
    2. Tournament was in Cortina, Italy
    3. Qualified 5th
    4. How the altitude affected the shooting
    5. How he did in the tournament
    6. How they score the targets

    Mike and Dan unpack the new EZ Cut system Mike ordered last week to trim up around his treestand.

    1. They unbox the pack
    2. https://ezkutproducts.com/
    3. Large pruning shears with extending handles
    4. Small pruning shears
    5. Wow Saw

  • Posted on 01 Oct 2018

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    Episode 482, Preping for Archery Season, Work Weekend Up North, PSE Rifles

    Mike just rolled in from deer camp after a weekend of setting treestands and cutting shooting lanes.

    1. Food Plots are growing
    2. Cooler weather is here
    3. Deer are hitting other properties where people are putting bait out even though it's illegal
    4. Our food plots are getting a chance to get established since deer are not on them right now
    5. Heavy acorn crop with our white oaks
    6. Using a new X-Stand treestand to see how it compares to our other Family Tradition stands
    7. Using the EZ Cut pruning shears!
    8. Got two new stands up and one moved this year
    9. Left four other stands in place
    10. Stand set ups
    11. Danny talks grouse hunting

    PSE Rifles

    1. PSE is now making rifle components for precision rifles
    2. Built for Remington model 700 chassis
    3. https://www.pserifles.com/


  • Posted on 24 Sep 2018

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    Episode 481, Talking Ice Shanties, New CWD Report From Colorado

    Mike and Dan talk early on a Saturday morning show!

    1. Talking about Hunters Blend Coffee's new Dark Roast called Black Powder!
    2. Danny is wide awake and Mike is trying to wake up!

    Talking new ice shanties

    1. Danny found a new Otter Ice Shanty at the Woods and Water show!
    2. Danny is looking for a new ice house
    3. Tow hitch for ATV
    4. Bench seats vs single seats
    5. Sizes
    6. Side entrance vs front entrance
    7. Cell phone down the hole

    Moving to deer hunting, Danny has a question for Mike about bow hunting vs rifle hunting and how he spends his time afield.

    Shout out to all those affected by the Hurricane

    A new article from QDMA about the recent statement made by one of the leading CWD researchers in the world Mike Miller, Colorado Parks and Wildlife from the Deer Biology Congress.

    1. Should we protect our yearling bucks or let hunters shoot them
    2. Miller said, "we should not be encouraging folks to practice DM or manage for older bucks."
    3. What is an "Older Buck"?
    4. Miller Said, "by older I mean we shouldn't be managing for bucks that are 4.5 to 6.5 years old."
    5. Talking education
    6. How does buck dispersal play into this?
    7. Field to Fork program

  • Posted on 17 Sep 2018


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