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19 May 2019

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This is a weekly talk show about hunting and fishing, take an adventure through the woods and waters of Michigan through the eyes of the Up North Journal team.

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    Episode 517, Kickoff of the Tred Barta Get Off The Couch Expedition!

    The kickoff of the Tred Barta Get Off The Couch Expedition!

    His first three days on the road

    1. Tred has made it to Lewiston Montana in three days!
    2. Pushing and testing his limits
    3. Hates Chicago!!!
    4. Harbor View travel trailer
    5. Truck takes a long time to get to speed
    6. 5 miles per gallon gas mileage
    7. 13 hours a day driving
    8. Taking a few days to recoup
    9. Western towns
    10. Things got a little shuffled while traveling
    11. Crazy encounter with a woman at a gas station
    12. Gas situation is critical
    13. Anyone can get out and travel
    14. The sights and sounds of his travel so far

    The tremendous loss of a close friend and how it relates to life

    1. He lost a dear friend today
    2. How life and the world around us work to the realization of God
    3. Help others

    What's in store for Tred

    1. Mileage update, almost 2300 miles so far
    2. Crossing into Canada
    3. Shipping pistols to Alaska due to Canada's gun laws
    4. Dealing with fuel situation that is looming ahead for Tred
    5. Managing Risk
    6. Bathroom risks for Tred
    7. Other RV'rs not so friendly
    8. What happens when you get to Alaska
    9. Want's to be around people and enjoy seeing things he's never seen
    10. Is Hunting and Fishing really about Hunting and Fishing?
    11. The slideout mistake....

  • Posted on 13 May 2019

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    Episode 516, Spending A Day With Tred Barta, Northern Bass Fishing, Would You Hunt Sandhill Cranes, Treestands

    The boys head to Indiana to spend a day with Tred Barta

    1. The boys head to Elkhart Indiana to visit Tred Barta
    2. Stop in at HL Interprise to watch them put the finishing touches on Tred Barta's travel trailer
    3. The boys take Tred to lucnch
    4. They get to watch the trailer get finished
    5. The guys help him put a few things away

    Mike spends the weekend up north at deer camp and gets to enjoy a little bass fishing

    1. Spring has sprung in the north country in Michigan
    2. Wildlife is active
    3. Sees a couple of red fox
    4. Spends an evening on the water doing some bass fishing with a friend
    5. Mike looses in the fishing contest but wins the biggest fish contest!

    Would you hunt a sandhill crane?

    1. Local paper asks if you would hunt sandhill cranes
    2. People speak out about the taking of such a great bird
    3. Danny want's to rattle the cage!
    4. Wanton Waste

    Taking down treestands to move them to Indiana

    Talking bow strings

    Talking treestands

  • Posted on 06 May 2019

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    Episode 515, Tred Barta's Camper, Going Through The Build with HL Interprise, Camper for Paraplegic Outdoorsmen , Kamikaze Pole Saw by EZ Kut, Doe Only in Buffalo County Wisconsin?

    This week the guys talk with the company and guy who is heading up the camper build for Tred Barta's Get Off The Couch Tour!

    1. Tred is on sight watching the build
    2. Size of the trailer
    3. Special design
    4. Design of the wheelchair lift
    5. Kitchen build
    6. How is it different from a normal build
    7. www.hlinterpriseinc.com
    8. 8 day build
    9. How does hitch work with someone who is paraplegic?
    10. Giving the outdoor experience opportunity to those who have physical challenges
    11. Outside hook ups
    12. Biggest change in the camper industry
    13. Background in camping
    14. Trailer is about 7500lbs
    15. Special storage
    16. Fishing rod holders
    17. Gun rack

    The Kamikaze pole saw from EZ Kut

    1. Extending pole saw, 20 foot extension
    2. Mike cuts Danny's hand
    3. Two extendable extensions
    4. Lifetime warranty
    5. Pruners and Loppers

    Talking about the idea of a doe only season in Buffalo County Wisconsin.

    1. Danny gives his thoughts
    2. Private land owners leasing their land
    3. Outfitters that have already booked hunts
    4. Local economy
    5. Shooting the right doe
    6. Michigan Thumb Area APR survey

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2019

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    Episode 514, Interview with Tred Barta About His New Adventure!

    The guys talk with Tred Barta about his newest adventure.

    What have you been up to in the last few years since your health mishap.

    1. Going to Alaska when he had the health issue
    2. After a week pain got so intense he headed to hospital
    3. Common Sense
    4. Lost use of his legs in hospital for 5 months
    5. Given 3 days to live while in hospital 3 different times
    6. Paralyzed now chest down
    7. Was going to take his life
    8. Stopped by Oncologist 
    9. Your word is your bond
    10. Rare blood cancer caused issues
    11. 2 months after new treatment began to shoot bow again
    12. His life expectancy he has been given is zero but is living a full life
    13. Still does everything he use to do before his illness
    14. Asking for forgiveness 

    Digging yourself out.

    1. You can hurry up living or you can hurry up dying
    2. Get off the couch and hurry up living
    3. Have to learn to ask for help
    4. Will to live comes from God and people who love you but you have to take that first step
    5. Find the power within to go forward
    6. "If I can do it, you can do it!"
    7. Helping others
    8. Never miss the opportunity to help someone else
    9. Grab life and move forward
    10. The size of a man's heart is not measured by the size of a deer's antlers


    The love of the outdoors and the U.P. Buck!

    1. Friends in Clio Michigan
    2. Took him on a U.P. deer hunt
    3. Hunting lodge
    4. Deer Camp Life
    5. Woodcock hunting
    6. How he archery hunts now
    7. The hunt!
    8. Hearing the wolves
    9. The shot!
    10. The recovery of the buck
    11. Describing the Upper Peninsula
    12. Driving across the Mackinaw Bridge
    13. His wheelchair in the field

    The Trip!

    1. Heading to Alaska by himself
    2. The trailer he is taking
    3. HL Industries, Harbor View trailer http://www.hlenterpriseinc.com/harbor-view.html
    4. Cross country and Canada trip to Alaska for 5 months
    5. Looking for a line of people along the way to help him incase he needs help.
    6. Following his heart
    7. Practicing changing a tire on his truck
    8. No schedules
    9. Looking for fans to help along the way with a place to park trailer or even turkey hunt
    10. His book Driven https://www.bartaway.com/product/driven-by-tred-barta/
    11. Weekly updates from Up North Journal!
    12. Looking for a lady
    13. Sharing with and helping others
    14. The prayer....

  • Posted on 22 Apr 2019

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    Episode 513, Patterning Turkey Guns, Habitat Work in Indiana, Teaser Into Our Easter Episode

    Dan spent Saturday at the gun range with the turkey gun!

    1. Dan and his wife patterned their turkey guns
    2. Range was wet
    3. Not a lot of people at the range
    4. Using his new electronic Peltor ear protection
    5. MagnaPorted shotgun barrel
    6. Indoor range
    7. Picking out a new pistol holster

    Using the PackerMaxx Cultipacker and the EZ Kut tools to clear an acre spot in the bottom land to put in a food plot

    1. Used the PackerMaxx to transport water for our chemical sprayer in the back field
    2. Cleared an area for a food plot
    3. Pulled stumps
    4. Used the PackerMaxx to smooth out the ground where we pulled the stumps
    5. Shaping the food plot
    6. Building the plot so deer feel secure
    7. Working as a group towards one goal!

    Teasing our Easter Episode with Tred Barta!



  • Posted on 15 Apr 2019


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