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16 Jan 2019

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This is a weekly talk show about hunting and fishing, take an adventure through the woods and waters of Michigan through the eyes of the Up North Journal team.

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    Episode 500, Interviews From 2019 ATA! Bill Epeards, Denny Steiner, Pete Shepley and Pedro de Ampuero

    Celebrating our 500th Episode by recording live from the ATA show in Louisville Kentucky on the show floor.

    Mike reflects back on 500 shows

    1. How we got to 500
    2.  A little emotion
    3. Thanking Mikey and his Dad
    4. A year without being around his dad
    5. 200th live stream as well

        Talking with Bill Epeards PSE Staff member

    1. Just finished his 17th Grand Slam of turkeys
    2. Shot 3 record book bucks this year
    3. Talking about how hard it is to take a grand slam in one year
    4. Difference between target archery and hunting
    5. What mistake do most hunters make today

    Talking with African big game hunter Denny Steiner

    1. The Showroom
    2. 50 years of hunting in the showroom
    3. Shot his first buck 51 years ago in Missouri
    4. The Cape Buffalo hunt in Africa
    5. Shaking his bow at the herd of bulls
    6. His PH has a camera instead of his rifle in his hands
    7. The Giraffe hunt
    8. Taking apart the game
    9. How the meat benefits the whole community
    10. How nothing is left over
    11. African poaching

    Talking with the owner of PSE Archery Pete Shepley

    1. The state of archery today
    2. How does target archery play into archery today
    3. The Pete Shepley Archer Center
    4. How can we get more people involved in archery
    5. The new game
    6. Team archery

    Talking with Pedro de Ampuero of KUIU about the culture of hunting

    1. Youkon Moose Hunt
    2. You need to listen to nature
    3. The song he and his father sing after a successful hunt
    4. It's easier to extreme hunt than staying in the office all day
    5. Travel allows you to better under stand the culture
    6. World Slam, 12 different species of goat
    7. it wasn't a goal
    8. Hunting is not a competition
    9. Travel while hunting broadens your mind
    10. Helps you understand their culture
    11. You cannot solve others problems with our point of view
    12. You begin to understand what's important
    13. Training for mountain hunting
    14. Cameramen  have a hard time as well
    15. His wife is his video editor
    16. Heading to Pakistan for Ibex, Europe and Mongolia as well

  • Posted on 14 Jan 2019

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    Episode 499, ATA Day 1, New Stan Release, New Product Releases, PSE Archery, Day 1 Wrap Up

    Mike and Dan give their thoughts on day 1 of the Archery Trade Association Show.

    1. Interview with Eric Springer of Stan's Release Aides
    2. A new wrist strap release from Stan's

    New Bows from PSE Archery

    1. A little talk about the Drive R long and short draws
    2. A little talk about the Evoke

    New Products at ATA that caught our eye on day 1

    1. Gutcheck arrow wraps 
    2. Scent Relief 

    Day one wrap up 

  • Posted on 11 Jan 2019

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    Episode 498, Indoor Archery League, ATA Preview, Wisconsin CWD Study, Do You Eat Road Kill,

    Winter indoor archery leagues

    1. Mike and Dan are going to shoot indoor leagues for the first time
    2. Mike has shot a couple of times during the holidays to get ready for leagues
    3. Guys answer a question about scopes from a viewer

    ATA preview!

    1. Guys are getting ready for the show in Louisville, KY
    2. Scent Relief Deer Lure made from your own urine
    3. Cell serviced trail cams
    4. Gut Check

    Wisconsin CWD Study

    1. First year of study
    2. Says that deer have a significantly higher rate of mortality that are infected with CWD
    3. Trap animals and take samples and GPS deer
    4. 122 deer were tested for CWD
    5. 12 deer tested CWD positive
    6. 9 deer died that had CWD
    7. 4 died due to CWD directly
    8. 5 year study

    Do You Eat Road Kill

    1. Oregon just passed a law allowing residents to pick up road kill
    2. Mike has picked up two road killed deer
    3. Mike tells the two stories of road kill
    4. Danny has not yet picked one up


  • Posted on 07 Jan 2019

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    Episode 497, Interview with Ben La Londe of Outdoor Channel, Deer Hunt with Dr. James Kroll, Alaska Hunting Trip

    This week we interview Outdoor Channel Videographer Ben La Londe

    1. Where Ben has been in the past year
    2. Hunted in Old Mexico with Dr. James Kroll a.k.a. Dr. Deer
    3. Doc has been working with deer for 48 years
    4. Ben talks about his hunting experience in Michigan
    5. Hunting with Doc he found out quickly he had a lot to learn about deer
    6. Dr. Deer
    7. How important deer are to Doc
    8. Weather in Mexico during the hunt
    9. Combat Marine Outdoors
    10. Ben got to hunt with the Veterans group as well
    11. Dinner and a photo!
    12. Ben got the opportunity to hunt a management buck
    13. Snortwheeze
    14. Bullwinkle
    15. Ben's buck!
    16. How has the hunt with Doc changed your expectations if hunting in Michigan
    17. Appreciation and Respect for hunting
    18. Why we hunt
    19. Our experiences are not to be taken for granted
    20. Does Ben hunt turkey?
    21. Experiencing Grizzly or Brown bears upclose and personal
    22. Alaskan experience
    23. What has Ben learned by being around these experienced hunters?
    24. We're going to get what we give!
    25. Forestry stewardship

  • Posted on 31 Dec 2018

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    Episode 496, 26 Point Ohio Buck Poached, 34 Inch Spread Ohio Buck Taken, 51 Point Illinois Buck Taken,

    The guys are talking about three huge bucks that made the news this week.

    26 Point 229 inch Ohio buck poached.

    1. Ohio hunter was hunting the buck of a lifetime
    2. Nicknamed Hay Rake
    3. Poached by Coshocton County man
    4. Shot an 8 point buck earlier that morning
    5. Hunter who investigated the story had the deer at 40 yards only days earlier

    34 inch spread Ohio buck taken by hunter in Belmont County

    1. Looks like the Rompola Buck
    2. Taken in Belmont County Ohio
    3. 182 inch buck
    4. Comparing to the Rompola Buck that was shot in 1998

    51 Point Illinois buck taken on private land

    1. How technology has created antler envy
    2. Years ago we had to wait 6 to 8 months for stories of big bucks
    3. The Tucker Buck!
    4. Quite possibly the most scorable points ever recorded
    5. TAG your deer!!!!!

    Christmas with the UNJ guys

    1. Danny almost sets the snow on fire
    2. Mike gets his BB gun taken away

  • Posted on 24 Dec 2018


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