Wagner Live InterviewsAuthor: Wagner dos Santos
23 Jun 2018

Wagner Live Interviews

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Join ad agency maverick and your host, Wágner dos Santos, as he interviews experts and influencers in business, advertising, marketing, media, and technology.

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    Episode 11: An Interview with Jessica Korthuis

    In this episode, Wágner dos Santos interviews Jessica Korthuis, a powerhouse brand strategist with a systematic approach to marketing and a robust understanding of brand management, user-experience, agile and lean methodologies, the customer buying journey and building sustainable business models. Jessica most recently launched SOHUIS, a digital communications consulting company that designs comprehensive communication strategies for global initiatives dedicated to sustainability, innovation and social impact.

  • Posted on 10 Nov 2017

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    Episode 10: An Interview with Jenn Nelson

    In this episode, Wágner dos Santos interviews Jenn Nelson, executive producer and co-host of live streaming show, Wine Antics LIVE on Thursdays at 9pm EDT. In addition to being a passionate and certified wine lover, Jenn is also one of the organizers behind Ladies Go LIVE Virtual Summit on August 25th.

  • Posted on 22 Aug 2017

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    Episode 9: An Interview with Andy Hnilo

    In this episode, Wágner dos Santos interviews Andy Hnilo, CEO of Alitura. A near death experience led Andy to develop a cutting-edge natural skincare line that is revitalizing the skincare market.

  • Posted on 30 Jul 2017


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