We Talk GamesAuthor: Wiggly, TT, Kyle VonKubik, John E Capcom
21 Feb 2019

We Talk Games

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This show is stacked! Get Ready, Try! We Talk Games Video Power Magazine Presents!!! The most popular weekly, one arcade game review per episode show ever created by humans or the reptilian illuminati secret overlords of the deranged conspiracy theorists lame crotch imagination. Join the video game journalist award wining crew and non-sport card superstars of Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door review arcade video games with author, artist and all around guy, John E Capcom plus, robot femme fatale, TT Schmootkins, and a cast of hundreds minus ninety-six as they deliver 100% game talk, zero filler! Have total access to our previous incarnations of our We Talk Games award winning program and Break Out Bonus Levels which featured special guests such as John Sellers, Ralph Baer, Nolan Busnell, Tommy Tallarico, Walter Day, Tomm Hulett, Noah Falstein, Dave Grossman, Jon Gibson, TAITO, Trip Hawkins and more.

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    We Talk Games 2,206 The Return of the George Gomez

    For the first time since We Talk Games Episode 74, George Gomez gets back on the horn to talk games with Wiggly Check of Trap Door (and We Talk Games, duh)! Welcome back George Gomez and go on a pinball odyssey from Deadpool to Zorro, and some letters in between!

    100% Game Talk, Zero Filler, Always!

    #Pinball #Stern #ArcadeGames

  • Posted on 18 Feb 2019

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    We Talk Games 2,205 The Top 11 List

    The definitive Top 11 Arcade Games of All Time as brought to you by those that talk games. If you don't think these are the top 11 greatest arcade games of all time, you're just a dope, so suck it.

    Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door bring you our current favorite arcade games in a list gimmick.

    #PeaceOnEarth #Arcade

  • Posted on 08 Feb 2019

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    We Talk Games 2,204 Hacking for a Reason

    Whatcha Been Hackin Lately? Kyle and Wiggly talk about the Merry Happys (It's about time). Don't just hack n horde!

    The ARCADE1UP, The NES Classic, STINKY’s Xmas Album Record Setting, bite a bubble candle and join us for some game talks as We Talk Games. 100% Game Talk, 0% Filler.

    #VideoGames #ArcadeGames #NESclassic #ARCADE1UP but, it’s good!

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2019

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    We Talk Games 2,203 Arcade1Up Warioware Gold

    We got the gold, baby! Santo Gold, money back guarantee, five year warranty! Warioware Gold, and ARCADE1UP DELUXE CABINET! Wiggly of Trap Door and Kyle of VonKubik Talk Games about what they’ve been playing lately! We know you're going to like it!

    Yeah, like above, I already said everything!


  • Posted on 04 Dec 2018

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    We Talk Games 2,202 ThanksKilling

    Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door try to gravy fist their review of ThanksKilling (2008, Gravitas Ventures) as a tie-in to the arcade hit, Turkey Shoot (1984, Williams). For your arcade game pleasure, got to http://wetalkgames.com/inthecan and lighting search our arcade reviews!

    But, yeah, ThanksKilling. What are you Thankskill for? Another episode of We Talk Games, that's what!

  • Posted on 22 Nov 2018


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