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19 May 2019

Wired Science Video Podcast

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Each week, the Wired Science Video Podcast reports on the latest in green tech, health, science, bioethics and space exploration. Obsess over NASA's latest moves, theories on body- and mind-hacking, and the curious habits of our planet's flora and fauna.

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    Wired Science: Tiny Satellites Get NASA Boost

    Wired.com checks out the Stanford Space and Systems Development Laboratory, where students are developing 4x4x4 inch satellites designed for standardized production, using materials you might not expect for an object that will end up in orbit.

  • Posted on 08 Jun 2009

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    Wired Science: Biomotion Lab Turns Bodies Into Data

    Wired.com visits the Biomotion Lab at Stanford University, where researchers use lasers and video-camera tech to study joint deterioration in humans.

  • Posted on 06 May 2009

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    Wired Science: Installing a Deep-Sea Webcam

    Last week, the world's first deep-sea webcam was installed on the floor of California's Monterey Bay, giving scientists an unimpeded look at deep-sea life. Wired went along for the ride.

  • Posted on 28 Jan 2009

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    Wired Science: Software Aims to Reduce Road Rage

    Cars may eventually become capable of harvesting huge amounts of data from drivers, but what will this data be used for? Stanford Professor, Cliff Nass, explains how the Car Lab will improve driving safety and make in-car advertising effective.

  • Posted on 14 Jan 2009

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    Wired Science: Experiments Test Human-Robot Harmony

    Relationships between humans and robots are destined to change as robotic technology advances, and it may prove useful to understand how we react to them in certain situations. Victoria Groom of Stanford University demonstrates some experimental testing of human-robot interaction.

  • Posted on 17 Dec 2008


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