World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft PodcastAuthor: Michael Gaines and Renata
22 May 2018

World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.

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    Episode 286, "Ring of Booty"


    BfA Alpha

    Waycrest Manor
    Temple of Sethraliss

    Had to start over
    Was able to go through the initial scenario, but the key cutscenes are placeholders.
    “Cool cutscene”
    Ali went through horde starting scenario, followed by amazing Escape from Stockades scenario.
    Both Horde and Alliance zones are gorgeous!

    Professions are sort of in
    You can train, but no vendor for BfA tradeskill mats. Old school tradeskill mats vendor is there.
    Fishing trainer added this week, only trains up to Pandaria fishing (Ali fished up Midnight Salmon)
    Herbalism: herbs are not just in the ground. Star Moss grows on walls, Siren’s song grows out of trees...refreshing change

    Making up the money I spent on the T3 chestpiece.
    Problem - Vial of the Sands sells for garbage on my server (69,000g)
    No mounts this week
    Started going through ALL my screenshots. 103GB of them.
    Sorted by expansion
    May split them between characters.
    Found out that I was leveling TWO mages at the same time on two servers.
    Apparently I was on Aggramar and don’t remember why.
    I also moved toons around a lot and don’t remember why.

    Still trying for Invincible….Arthas is a bitch
    Raid is working on trying to get Ahead of the Curve achievement together. Heroic Coven is a struggle. Going to get lockouts-Skipping it to work on Aggramar and Argus.
    Halfway through Field Medic (got some repeat quest drops)
    Really starting to focus on my N&A toon
    Ren called for June 1st to official deadline. Can still work on it and complete it but after deadline, finishers won’t be announced on the show. Summer gets busy. Maybe a new challenge at some point? Never know with Ren!
    My N&A toon is almost 65, determined to get it done in time
    Ren spoke again about starting a Warcast guild on Silvermoon-US. Alliance side? We’ve been discussing different names on discord!

    Blizzcon tickets went on sale
    Several people helping others to get tickets.
    Both waves of tickets are over.
    Don’t buy scalped tickets. Better to see if anyone has any extras.
    GCD is a Big Thing™
    Racials will be removed from the GCD
    Time Warp
    Charged Up (Arcane)
    Arcane power (Arcane)
    Spring Balloon Fest going on now until tomorrow
    War Mode available.
    Have not tested it yet
    I might test it just to see how it goes, but will not be a permanent change for me.

    Talking weapons transmog will still talk?

    Don’t DDoS Blizzard
    Romanian man extradited and sentenced to one year for DDoS in 2010
    Also has to pay almost $30k

  • Posted on 13 May 2018

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    Episode 285, "And and or edition"


    Success on BunofSteel and “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”
    Fisherfriends fun - though if you have a choice, don’t do melee
    Soloing normal dungeons

    T3 chest!
    BfA beta walkthrough
    Green proto-drake
    Primal Fire
    i1000 chest

    This Week in WoW
    Pet Battles
    Children's Week starts Monday 30th - through Monday 7th
    Volunteer Guard Day Mini-event Saturday the 28th
    Next week: Burning Crusade Timewalking

    Ion spent a lot of time covering the change to GCD
    They still want feedback wrt how the class feels
    Some abilities such as Charge, Infernal Strike and Heroic Leap for warriors and DIsengage for hunters being taken off GCD
    In Final Fantasy XIV, everything is on GCD, but the GCD is 2.5s, but can be reduced with gear.
    They want people to make decisions - A or B instead of A and B.
    Azerite Power being renamed Artifact Power
    There will be a way to respec traits.
    Talking about adding in that functionality later, and a return to the old respeccing a la vanilla (paying an increasing scale for respecs, with decay)
    BfA should be more alt-friendly.
    Heart of Azeroth -- universal for all specs instead of having to develop AP in multiple weapons
    New BGs called Epic Battlegrounds
    Large battlegrounds are being split off
    Removing blacklisting from Battlegrounds
    Strand of the Ancients is being removed in BfA (not sure if temporary or permanent)
    Ashran is being temporarily retired.
    No plans to deactivate racials in rated PvP
    All loot will be personal loot
    Will still be flagged going into an enemy major city, whether you are in War Mode or not

    More BfA stuff
    Battle Pets in beta:
    Some nerfs incoming:
    Bone Serpent: swapped positions of Call Darkness and Lift-Off
    Practical upshot: This is a huge nerf. Call of Darkness now shares the slot with Nocturnal Strike. Call of Darkness blinds all pets, and Nocturnal Strike always hits if the target is Blinded. In combination, this is huge. Having to choose between them now significantly reduces its power. (Workaround: do the Frostfur Rat with Call Darkness and Sneak Attack)
    Crow and Gilnean Raven: -200 power, +200 speed
    Cyclone: Damage changed from 7 to 3-7
    Haunt: returns the pet at 50% health instead of 100
    Teroclaw Hatchling: Dodge and Nature's Ward will now occupy the same tier as will Hawk Eye and Ravage.
    Practical upshot: Slot 2 will now put Dodge (4 round cooldown) and Nature's Ward (5 round heal) on same tier, basically making you choose between damage mitigation or pet heal.
    Pet Battle World Quests incoming and will scale to the highest pet on your team (NOT apply to wild pets outside world quests)
    New pet battle mechanics:
    Random weather effects
    More heals that have increased effects on pet's health
    Aura effects that heal your pet or damages enemy pet based on the last hit dealt

    From the Discord:
    N&A finishers: Congrats to Buffysummers - Human Windwalker Monk for finishing N&A with 23,055 gold 4/1/43
    Shoutout ot Dodoobrawn-Bladefist - nice fishing with you! Hello to Mrs. Dodoobrawn as well.
    Question: Why do you still need a WoD garrison? Is it worth going back if you have a character who skipped it?

  • Posted on 27 Apr 2018

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    Episode 284, "Bun of steel"


    Not played much in past couple weeks
    Next projects: mechanical pets for hunter, Field Medic, Fisherfriends

    Started working on Field Medic. No bueno
    cjracer20 in Discord suggested premades. Will do that soon™
    Did not get into alpha this week yet. Ali couldn’t Monday, and then Wednesday turned into hell.
    Been doing follower missions.
    Mount and mog runs. Tailoring/enchanting finally at 800.
    Went through old pics.

    This Week in WoW
    Mage Tower currently active on North American realms
    Legion Timewalking this week. Pet Battle event next week

    General News
    Blizzard Balance can now be gifted - send a friend an electronic gift card with a personalized message
    Remote Auction House: Blizzard confirmed in a blue message that the reason they closed the RAH is that a "tiny fraction of one percent" of their user base was actually using the RAH and it was not worth their time and effort anymore to keep it updated

    Battle for Azeroth
    In-Game Communities:
    Quoting Wowhead: “This system will allow you to have broader communication options with fellow community members, including multiple text channels, text channel history, simple role management, quick join, voice integration, roster listing and calendar invites. You will be able to be part of multiple communities at the same time, in addition to your current guild.”
    Interview at Pax East with lead designer Daniel Stahl and lead encounter designer Morgan Dey about Island Expeditions:
    More intelligent AI in NPC encounters
    Some AI groups may be aggressive - others may be passive and require you to chase them down
    Weather improved and may be a factor
    Different mobs may appear at different times of the day
    "Fog of War"
    Blizzard has confirmed people will still be able to get class mounts after BfA has launched
    Tribute to last year’s BlizzCon Costume Contest winner Kazplay - when Horde invades the Stockades, they encounter a human female in a cage with a crumpled costume next to her: Text: “Look, it's just a costume! See? Feel it! Now will you tell them to let me out of here? It was just a joke! Hogger wasn't really terrorizing Stormwind!”

    Alpha News:
    Battle for Lordaeron scenario now playable on Alpha
    Heart of Azeroth item levels show ranges with iLevel starting at 265 and going up one point per level from there. Highest they show is at level 300 with an iLevel of 564
    Mag'har and Dark Iron Dwarves now playable in Alpha.
    Maghar racials:
    Ancestral Call - Invoke the spirits of your ancestors granting you their power. Increases a random secondary stat by 102 for 12 seconds.
    Open Skies - Increases mounted speed by 10%.
    Savage Blood - Reduces the duration of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses by 10%.
    Sympathetic Vigor - Increases pet health by 10%.
    Dark Iron Dwarves: still no reports on what the Mole Machine racial does
    Blood Elf and Human racials seriously nerfed.

    From the Discord: Bucket Lists
    Expansion Countdown: 116 days to Expansion (3 months, 25 days / 16 weeks and 4 days / 2784 hours)
    Congrats to
    Alberthe for getting the Forgotten Hippogryph mount
    Mightymurloc for the new Kara mount
    Txcoolkid for finishing FIeld Medic
    Suggests joining a Field Medic premade group, as did Cjracer20
    It’s not a shared drop (personal loot) but since there is a lot of competition and in some areas the respawn is fast, you have a greater chance of being able to loot more mobs

  • Posted on 20 Apr 2018

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    Episode 283, "Booty Bay has the worst doors"


    Have a new Highmountain Tauren - enhancement shaman
    Got the noblegarden bunny
    Working on the four hatchling pet quests -- haven’t finished any of them

    Exalted with Army of the Light.
    8000 from exalted with Argussian Reach
    Tol Dagar BfA dungeon
    Odd thing about BfA - some people have quests, I don’t.
    Finally finishing up getting followers to 950
    Noblegarden fun
    Field Medic

    This Week in WoW
    Pandaria Timewalking this week, Battleground Bonus event next week
    Darkmoon Faire
    Noblegarden (ends Monday)
    March of the Tadpoles (Borean Tundra - ends tonight at midnight)

    News: General and Current
    April Fool’s patch notes
    Remote Auction House is retiring on April 18th.
    Realm connections
    New round of realm connections is “on the way” to help with low pop servers.
    Family Guy: a 30 second Leeroy Jenkins reference.

    News: Battle for Azeroth
    8 - 14 - 18
    Ren’s Ridiculous Fun Facts about the History of Blizzcon Expansions
    Collector’s Edition - box set
    Limited edition hardcover edition - 2 new WoW novellas by Christie Golden and Robert Brooks
    Horde & Alliance Double Sided Mark of Allegiance with stand
    Digital soundtrack
    Collector’s Edition box set owners will be able to unlock and create unreleased Allied Races in advance
    If you bought Digital Deluxe and want Collector’s Edition box, you can get a refund on Digital Deluxe to balance
    Digital Deluxe edition - mounts, pet

    Island Expansions
    Expedition table in Boralus Harbor (Alliance) or Zuldazar Harbor (Horde)
    3 man - Normal, Heroic, Mythic or PvP - reward of 6,000 Azurite
    Azurite: killing mobs, finding treasure, defeating the opposing team, or mining nodes
    Drawn on “lessons learned” from past content like scenarios and keystone dungeons. Replayable content.
    WoWhead interview with Jeremy “Muffinus” Feasel, Senior Game Designer for WoW
    No death knights for allied races - tied to Lich King
    Other possible rewards for Island Expeditions, like in the Timeless Isle
    When asked whether quest and profession progression will be gated behind dungeons and raids: No real discussion yet on profession progression, although he did say he thought ending final part of certain questlines end in a dungeon was “super cool, as it is the best way to tell the end of the story”.
    Felt that artifact weapon system was interesting in the beginning of the expansion but not at the end of it. Lots of choices in the beginning and none in the end.
    Discussion about making certain things accountwide -- seemed to think things were pretty OK the way they were. Too much accountwide stuff and characters lose identity, but opening areas, flying, etc., seem to be good kept accountwide.
    Battle for Azeroth
    Mag’har Orcs and Iron Dwarf allied races will be available after completing the Battle for Azeroth war campaign. Zandalari and Kul’Tiras will be unlocked later in the expansion.
    BFA alpha lasting longer than in the past. Beta polishes features and features are still being added to alpha.
    Six emissaries for each faction - 3 home continent, two neutral (Tortollan and Voice of Azeroth) and a War Faction with quests on the enemy continent.
    8.0 prepatch
    Likely a few weeks before the expansion
    Will introduce the Burning of Teldrassil and Battle for Lordaeron. May be new mounts themed around Night Elves and Forsaken in conjunction with this event.
    New details on PvP
    New world PvP system called War Mode: players toggle PvP in a capitol city on any server. This will put them in a separate server shard, away from the PvE characters.
    War Mode gives extra rewards and Azerite, and also allows access to special world PvP events.
    PvP gear system revamp: conquest point system returning in the form of a bar you fill up to earn new gear each week. When you’re finished with a set, you can move up. There will be ways to skip ahead.
    Changes to Honor and Prestige: honor levels will be account wide.
    Naked and Afraid FInisher: Alcina, night elf mage -- 110

  • Posted on 05 Apr 2018

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    Episode 282, "Fuego"


    Finishing zones, changing to Beastmaster on hunter
    The handy parts about thinking about alt priority

    Island Expeditions

    This Week in WoW
    World Quest Event - bonus reputation
    Darkmoon Faire starts on April 1 - rep bonuses from carousel and top hat stack with World Quest Event
    Noblegarden - April 2
    Reminders: 2 pets and 1 mount - spring rabbit, noblegarden bunny (added 2017), springstrider mount

    New Naked & Afraid Finisher: Settlersrule, Alliance panda windwalker monk, with 5 days 23 hours and 28 minutes, and 24,483 gold.
    Next highest in progress: Norgreyclub, dwarf retribution paladin, level 92, closely followed by Alcina, a night elf arcane mage at 91 and Buffysummers, a human windwalker monk at level 90
    Pax East - Apr 5-8 at Boston Convention Center - Demo stations for new Island Expedition feature
    Family Guy episode April 1 - Warcraft references
    Player gets every achievement in game (3,314) - Xirev, a blood elf fire mage
    Need to do things like reach prestige 25, collect 300 toys and mounts, and win 5000 pvp pet battles
    One achievement ahead of Metatrosha, a human shadow priest (same number of points; Alliance have one extra 10 pointer)
    Wowhead interview with Xirev
    Single hardest achievement: high rated PvP ones - most others simply “tedious”
    Single hardest non-PvP achievement - “Going to Need a Bigger Bag” - obtain all the rare items from Timeless Isle. Involved a lot of realm hopping (56 items)
    Time /played: Estimated 850-900 days /played. 434 days /played on mage alone.
    20,400 to 21,600 hours
    8,760 hours in 1 year (not counting leap years)
    Done over 6 years - 6 years has about 122,400 hours (without leap years)
    Average of 5.5-6 hours per day, every day, or 38.5 - 42 hours per week
    Ren: Did my own /played calculation on all active toons - came out to 6554 hours or 273 days /played. Sounds like a lot, but when averaged over 10 years (didn’t play for 4 years out of the past 14) it comes out to less than 1 hour per day /played
    Alpha News
    Changes to quest log - looked at first like the quest log limit was going up to 50. Not true - but it seems like some quests no longer count toward the 25 limit - including account wide quests such as many battle pet quests
    New Alpha build includes several class talent changes

    Alpha Profession changes:
    Enchanting: many new ring and weapon enchants, glove enchants for gathering professions
    RETURN OF Wands (Scepters). Last available: VANILLA
    Engineering: some of the usuals like glasses, explosives, and scopes
    RETURN OF Engineered belts. Last available: WRATH OF THE LICH KING
    More weapons (guns, maces)
    Interesting bits: Slumber Bombs, Electroshock Mount Motivator (+10% mount speed for 10 seconds, stacks up to 5x, “increased motivation may cause your mount to become disoriented”), Deployable Attire Rearranger, Interdemensional Companion Repository (portable stablemaster), and an XA-100 Surface Skimmer (25 sec duration)
    Inscription: new codex
    New Darkmoon cards, Vantus runes
    Offhand tomes and stat buff scrolls.. LAST AVAILABLE: CATACLYSM
    New: Contracts: allows you to choose a faction with which you will gain reputation when you do world quests - requires Friendly rep with target reputation
    Scroll of Unlocking - unlock anything that requires 550 lockpicking skill
    Jewelcrafting - usual rings and stones
    NEW: two staffs - both listed were listed as Mage but the second one (Laribole Staff) also listed Agility as a stat
    Leatherworking - usual armor bits and drums
    NEW: create fist weapons and bows (bow/crossbow was available in Engineering, 490/525, Cataclysm)

    From the Discord:
    Seems there is a fashion in listening to our oldest episodes

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