World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft PodcastAuthor: Michael Gaines and Renata
18 Feb 2018

World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.

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    Episode 278, "Meat II Pet"


    Life invasions: thank you Cara - did not touch Love is in the Air
    Naked & Afraid monk: level 95, 3 days 22 hours, 46k gold
    Northrend: Leveling time slow, money amazing
    Pandaria: Leveling time medium-fast, money good
    Draenor: Leveling time medium-fast, money bad

    Life invasion

    This Week in WoW
    Lunar Festival starts 2/17, runs to 3/3
    Love is In the Air ends tomorrow
    Battleground bonus event starts Tuesday
    Ulduar Timewalking

    Dungeon XP hotfix to bug introduced in 7.3.5
    Side effect to creature scaling broke awarded XP in some situations
    Significantly increased XP awarded for queuing for random Normal dungeons, Classic through Draenor
    Mobile Auction House has been restored
    New mount: Shu-zen, The Divine Sentinel - $25 in Blizz store (6 months game time for Chinese servers) - and fixed a scaling bug

    Battle for Azeroth: Alpha Build News
    Tons of class changes but these tend to change a lot over alpha/beta

    Allied races
    New allied race? Orc based - either Mag’har or Frostwolf Orcs (brown orcs)
    Datamined orc armor and a Mag’har Direwolf mount

    Dark Iron Dwarf racials
    Dungeon Delver: 4% increased indoor speed
    Fireblood: Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic and bleed effects and increases primary stat by 100 for each removed. 2 min cooldown
    Forged in Flames: 1% physical damage reduction
    Mass Production: 2x speed creating blacksmithed items
    Mole Machine: Summons a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth (30 min cooldown)

    Non-caster damage that used to be calculated on weapon damage is now based on a combo of weapon damage and attack power to help bring better balance between classes that rely heavily on weapons vs. those who do not

    Return of Pepe: New Pepe costumes include a scuba costume and a Zandalari mask

    Hunter pet specialization:
    All pets will have equal damage, health and armor (all can tank or DPS equally well). Old designations Ferocity, Tenacity or Cunning will continue as categories, but as categories of pet families, not as descriptions of their utility
    All pets will have Growl and Dash or Swoop
    Pet families now each have a special ability - one active, one passive, depending on their category (examples: the passive for Ferocity is a 3% leech, for Tenacity, 10% max health, and for Cunning, 8% movement speed buff)
    Each pet family will get one of six different abilities. Examples include a healing reduction debuff, reduced damage, increased dodge, etc.

    Profession changes: (just noted things that are different or interesting) Major squish: Max profession skill cap going from 800 to 200
    Alchemy preview:
    Tinctures - trinkets with combat buffs based on the flask you’re currently using
    Usual transmutes of changing one profession material to another. Also Fish to Gems and Meat to Pet.
    Blacksmithing preview:
    New stirrups for speed and interacting while mounted in the new zones
    Khaz’gorian Hammer - blacksmithing hammer replacement that gives a chance to give crafted armor or weapons the Indestructible property
    Cooking preview: Nothing special
    Enchanting preview: Nothing special
    Portable transmogger
    Portable stable master
    Herbalism: Nothing special
    Contracts: Enter a contract with a faction that allows you to gain reputation with them every time you complete a world quest in the new zones
    +5% experience gem
    Scuba gear
    Mining: Nothing special
    Skinning: Nothing special
    finally getting a bag upgrade - 1 30 slot bag (same as HW), 1 32 slot bag
    Hot Air Baloon pet
    First Aid getting at least a revamp - may be removed entirely and folded into Tailoring
    First Aid achievements will become Legacy Feats of Strength
    Now listed as “legacy”.

  • Posted on 15 Feb 2018

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    Episode 277, "Caraclysm"


    Special guest host Cara(clysm) (@xandara) fills in for Ren.

    Rep grinding is making me bored.
    Even if I did this when it was new, I find it dull because it’s too repetitive.
    50% boost in rep from Sign of the Emissary, so go do it!
    I also haven’t upgraded yet. When I get to exalted in all 4, then I’ll do it. No rush now.
    Farming for the Love Rocket. No drops.
    Achievement runs

    Heroic Antorus 2/11, first bosses aren’t too different
    Haven’t upgraded to BfA yet because I still feel like I have plenty to do without it right now, curious to see how long that will last
    But also I don’t really care about things as much as I used to? Like it’s still super fun! But I don’t feel like I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it. I.e. Love Rocket runs, I do them when I can but I don’t frustrate myself trying to fit them into my day
    I did claim my character names I want for my BfA allied race alts though. Seems they freed up a lot of names recently so if you have a name you couldn’t get before, give it a shot now!
    Me too! -MG (kek)

    This week in WoW
    Darkmoon Faire until the 11th
    Lunar Festival starts a week from today

    BfA alpha is going out to some people. Not me :(
    Watched a few streams. Some people need to learn how to stream (don’t be rude!)
    I found the starting areas to be ok. Didn’t watch long. Wasn’t anything really impressive yet.
    Nightborne faces should match what was selected
    Fire mage damage increased by a whopping 3%
    Hunter BM damage increased by 2.5%

    From Discord:
    BfA comes with a level 110 boost
    Shout out to PurpleMoose in Discord who was struggling what to do and used it for a Nightborne rogue.
    Utheron - bad experience with a GM. Was trying to make him switch specs.

  • Posted on 08 Feb 2018

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    Episode 276, "Remember when getting a gold was hard?"


    N/A monk now level 74 with 2 days 18 hours played and over 20k gold
    Boosted my 62 paladin to 110

    Rep grinding

    This Week in WoW
    Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl yesterday and today
    Arena Bonus Event til Tuesday
    Love Is In the Air Feb 2-16 (see news)
    Darkmoon Faire starts Sunday
    Next Tuesday: World Quest Bonus Event and PvP Brawl: Southshore vs. Tarren Mill

    All accounts have 16 character slots per realm
    Preorder for Battle of Azeroth
    No official release date
    Server issues
    Perk: quests to unlock allied races
    Nightborne: Exalted with the The Nightfallen and completion of Insurrection
    Void Elf: Exalted with Argussian Reach and completion of You Are Now Prepared!
    Lightforged Draenei: Exalted with Army of the Light and completion of You Are Now Prepared!
    Highmountain Tauren: Exalted with Highmountain Tribe and completion of Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    Remember: DMF hat/carousel give rep bonuses, and next week is the world quest event which gives rep bonuses as well.
    Walking into Light’s Hope Cathedral with a void elf sparks some interesting conversation.
    The economic impact of allied races over the next few weeks
    Void Elves Everywhere! “Void elves are alliance only because they were crying and wanted their own blood elves”. - from Joe on the forums via a YouTuber he was watching
    Unlocking races on factions: you can do the requirements on either side but you need someone on that faction to do the unlock quests. (An Alliance member can have the achievements for Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren, but a 110 Horde must do the quests)
    Collector’s Edition perks
    Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) mounts
    Tottle turtle (aquatic) pet
    Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays and icons
    Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mount
    Starcraft II sprays
    Hearthstone card pack, Azeroth is Burning
    No Diablo perk
    110 Boost details
    Boosts any toon to 110
    Hearthstone and Dalaran hearthstone; hearthstone reset to Dalaram inn
    3 level 870 artifact relics
    Level 35 artifact power and first artifact weapon (make sure you’re in the right spec!)
    Flight Master’s Whistle
    Kirin Tor supply bag, which contains basic food, water, starter ancient mana, ancient potions, mana diving stone, a tome of the tranquil mind
    If you are 60 or over, boosts primary professions to 700 and first aid to 700
    Suramar is open to the extent that Thalyrissa is there and will give you the first few quests -- no longer have to do the opening scenario of finding her and escorting her in
    Does NOT come with a level 3 WOD garrison - reports if you boost a “Character Trial to 100” toon to permanent 110 that you will get the garrison
    Battle for Azeroth System Requirements
    Windows machines will need 64-bit systems
    Minimum processor: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD FX 8100 or higher, recommended i7 4770 or AMD FX 8310 - basically need at least a quad core machine now
    Video cards: 2GB minimum on video board, GeForce GT 560, AMD Radeon 7850 or Intel 530 - recommended GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 280 (up from 1GB cards)
    Memory: Minimum 4GB, recommends 8 GB (up from 2)
    Storage: 70 GB, recommends SSD, up from 45
    No changes to minimum resolution/display

    Love Is In The Air - Feb 2-16
    Speculation that the new flower crowns datamined earlier will be perks for this year’s Love Is In the Air

    Classic interview
    Old code no longer compiles
    Old database no longer works
    New graphics are on the table, wants to hear from the community
    My guess - not until 2019
    Forum people are SO IMPATIENT.

    Naked & Afraid
    51 unique participants
    Rule change: Allied Race Division
    Current highest level: 74
    Three characters at 60

    Mod of the Cast: Memoria (Tororosso) -
    Joe posted a screenshot macro on the Naked and Afraid discussion board that displays played time and takes a screenshot 0.2 seconds after
    Tororosso posted about Memoria, an addon that takes a screenshot automatically for different milestones, such as leveling, achievements, reputation levels, or when a battleground or arena ends.
    Only issue with Memoria is that it doesn’t put in the /played time, unless you’ve put it in right before you ding

  • Posted on 01 Feb 2018

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    Episode 275, "Hand-harvested free-range Cobalt Ore"


    N&A monk now level 62 with 1 day 20 hours /played and almost 15k gold
    Utilized the one-switch rule to respec from brewmaster to windwalker around level 45
    Went “in order” until about level 40, and then went out of order doing zones where I had no transmogs (Burning Steppes, Stonetalon, and Southern Barrens) - thank you All The Things.
    Finished to 60 in Winterspring to level up mining
    Went straight to Northrend (Howling Fjord), skipped Outland entirely

    Working on rep and mounts.
    Still working on that Nerf Scrapbots achievement. Is it bugged?

    This Week in WoW
    Burning Crusade Timewalking
    Call of the Scarab ended Tuesday
    Arena Skirmishes start Tuesday
    Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl mini event Wednesday

    Battle of Azeroth Collectors’ Edition perks datamined - - Seabraid Stallion (Alliance), Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Tottle (turtle pet)
    Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel flying dog mount datamined - probably part of Lunar Festival (Year of the Dog) starting Feb 16
    Transmog bug - people reporting not being able to transmog while wearing some items from [Satchel of Helpful Goods]
    Changes to Recruit a Friend:
    Experience gains reduced from 200 to 50%.
    Heirloom XP bonus no longer stacks with RAF XP bonuses

    Patch 7.3.5 hotfixes this week

    Lost Mail - now properly spawns at random Dalaran locations and Postmaster title is now account-wide.
    Fixed the Normal/Heroic HP pool boss switch
    Raiding fixes take boss HP levels BELOW previous levels
    Fixed the bug that made pet names disappear
    Boulder quest in Redridge has been fixed

    Patch 7.3.5 - Leveling

    Transitions between expansions
    No big gear reset until level 61, when item levels jumped from 60 to 80
    Professions do transfer but not smoothly
    When you buy your skill for mining/herbs from 300, it now goes to 450 instead of 375 (both expansions)
    Experience with mining: could gather and learn to smelt both Fel Iron (Outland) and Cobalt Ore (Northrend). Started with 252 mining; could only gather Cobalt Ore Nuggets
    By level 325, still only collecting nuggets. Went to Outland and confirmed I could collect whole Fel Iron Ore. However, Fel Iron was gray (getting no skill). Cobalt Ore still orange (getting skill)
    Last level to get Cobalt Nuggets: 340. Started getting whole cobalt at 341. Cobalt Ore gathers still orange and still getting orange skill from smelting. Turned Yellow at 350. Turned Green at 362.
    Can get 80+ mining skill points off smelting alone (started slowing down at 355) - market has not caught up on all servers, but on Silvermoon ore is selling for 5x more than bars.
    Filius reported re: manufacturing professions, also skipping to Northrend: There are recipes to make things at your level, but the results may not be usable. Was making potions that he could create in low 60s that were only usable by mid-70s.
    Idea: how to find what’s good to sell?

    Naked & Afraid 2018
    Cattarina is new winner of the Shaman Challenge with 2 days 1 hour
    Up to 41 participants, 28 of whom are now 20 or over
    All classes represented, with most popular being druids (9) and monks (7); least represented, shaman (1) and priest (2)
    8 participants currently have more than 1000 gold. Two have 3000 or more, and one has nearly 15,000
    Minor rule clarifications:
    Auction mules may not do anything but buy and sell -- no primary or secondary skill use (cooking, disenchanting, smelting).
    Some confusion over mounts and which you can use
    Some confusion over use of inherent class abilities such as hunter pet respeccing and use of monk daily
    Filius is also live streaming
    Lessons Learned: Lessons in the leveling experience from our Discord family
    Restrictions: not as bad as Ironman Challenge

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    Episode 274, "Gallywix of Silvermoon"


    Ren -
    Did transmog count, found out only had 17% of mail transmogs
    Kind of Argussed out
    Running WoW off new SSD .. makes an enormous difference

    Mike -
    Still having problems with XT achievement. One day we get to 18, the next, 0
    I got a pony!
    I lost 700 achievement points, probably due to rearranging the achivements.
    Mournful Moan of Murmur is now up and running after TWO YEARS of being broken.
    I have not yet tried to level a toon yet.
    The price of Celendras dropped like a rock. From 750k to 50k.
    When you go into Ulduar, it’s now 10-man no matter what you set raid to.
    It took forever to kill Galleon and Sha of Anger.
    Zone quests are now gauged by chapters, not numbers of quests completed.
    I was mailed all the new mats.

    This Week in WoW
    Pet Battle Event
    Call of the Scarab - Jan 21-23

    Patch 7.3.5
    Patch notes:
    Undocumented patch notes

    Known issues:
    Mobile/web AH disabled
    Dungeon boss HP levels reversed Normal vs. Heroic
    Raid boss difficulty - difficulty turned up for Warlords/Pandaria raids to put in line with leveling characters but overtuned them
    Pet names disappearing
    New backpack slots not showing up right away for new authenticators
    Last wing of Argus LFR was bugged - if you wipe you can’t get back in
    Redridge quest Saving Foreman Oslow not working

    Patch 7.3.5: Leveling
    The leveling experience: uneven reviews
    Journey vs destination
    Ren’s personal experiences doing N&A and feedback from the N&A participants
    Professions: 1-60 profession progression still klunky
    Still have old gathers (copper ore, thorium ore, peacebloom, goldthorn) tied to former zones
    Level gains from herb/ore gathers still about the same as it was - about 1.7% of total level XP per gather for lower level gathers (reduces over time - was down slightly below 1% at level 63)
    Leather/cloth gathers still tied to former zones (eg. leather experiment in Azeroth, cloth in BC/WOTLK)
    Mobs and equipment scale to the toon, but profession drops still scale to the zone
    Pro: You can still do predictable lower level farming
    Con: Leveling might be a freedom of choice experience, but leveling professions is not -- still tied to old zone definitions
    Solution: Flatten mats to three tiers -- levels 1-20, 20-40 and 40-60.
    Enchanting squish did not go far enough, may have skipped guild banks entirely

    Naked & Afraid 2018
    Ren is level 19 in N&A - not highest toon but has the most gold (Maxx, gnome outlaw rogue, is level 30 with 9 hours /played)
    Started Wednesday, 1/17 - join in anytime
    3 official servers but you don’t have to join
    Lots of minor rule clarifications, one major change
    Almost 30 official participants so far
    Shout out to MythGamingMN for streaming his N&A.

    Mod of the Cast: Pawn
    Mod of the Cast (Mike): All The Things

  • Posted on 18 Jan 2018


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