World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft PodcastAuthor: Michael Gaines and Eric Rice
21 Oct 2017

World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.

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    Episode 263, "You can run around as a horse's ass"


    Too much adulting this week - only got to level 70 in shaman challenge
    Update on the restore/switch faction bug
    INCOMING: New mic

    Shaman to 50.
    200 mounts!
    Hallow’s End
    Got 150 treats in one night.
    The trick to doing the wickerman - invisibility items. Instant vs. casting time.
    Trying to get the headless horseman mount - how many years has it been?

    This week in WoW
    Black Temple timewalking - dropping base i900 items, NOT i930
    Hallow’s End
    Tricky Treats - Headless Horseman, daily quests, candy buckets. Use to buy masks, costumes for you or for pets (there’s three pug costumes and one Pepe skin), consumables, pets (Naxx, Sinister Squashling, Cursed Birman, Feline Familiar or Widget the Departed), heirloom upgrades (armor casings), and toys (horse head and tail, Little Wickerman)
    Wickerman (Grim Visage) buffs for baby shamans (10% exp and rep for 2 hours)!
    XP bonus applies to mob kills only - doesn’t increase XP from quest turnins or pet battles (“Apply Aura: mod Experience Gained %(mob kills only)”).
    Rep bonuses: does work with Legion tokens and other commendations in the game, and does stack with human’s 10% exp racial ability
    New this year: Naxxy, undead companion pet (150 Tricky Treats)
    New costume - Xavius (200 treats)
    New front and back end of a horse
    Headless Horseman drops 880 loot
    Magic Broom - 25% drop rate out of Horseman’s stash
    mount - 0.5%
    880 gear includes a sword (kind of silly for anything other than transmog), helm, and rings

    Elysium shuts down because someone was taking home 2000 euros/month and someone else was running a gold selling service.
    Patch 8.0 made a (very) brief appearance on beta servers

    Mod of the Cast

  • Posted on 19 Oct 2017

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    Episode 262, "It's a bit mage-y"


    Shaman challenge
    Level 69 at 1d 6h - got through Outland, now in Northrend - 60-68 seemed very slow
    A funny thing happened on the way to the Alliance: Restored a previously deleted 110 horde mage, took her to Alliance and weirdness happened

    Shaman challenge
    15 to 38 in one night.
    Lots of dungeons and dungeon quests.
    Could get 2-3 levels in a run
    Rested XP was a waste because you blow right through it.
    Problem - Maraudon puts you in the dungeon, but no quests for two more levels. So, either quest or repeat dungeons.
    Problem with that is now you’re moving further and further away from Stormwind (Stranglethorn or Plaguelands)
    Had to run to Wetlands between dungeon runs. Waste of time. Not sure what else to do.
    Toy is 10k gold, and only gives faction flight points, not neutral.
    BTW: I still love Maraudon

    This Week in WoW
    Pet Xp event - 200% not 300% as originally advertised
    Hallow’s End starts Wednesday the 18th at 10:00 AM PST
    Running of the Gnomes - Saturday October 14th, to benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine, a proposed vaccine against breast cancer that’s showing great promise
    Run from Gnomer to Booty Bay - clear 34 gates
    Starts at 7 PM EST, purchase a pink tabard in Ironforge
    This started on Scarlet Crusade and there are raids on Scarlet Crusade

    Blizzcon 2017
    All virtual ticket rewards
    Flying mounts in WoW - two seaters (we knew this)
    Other games - Overwatch Winston skin, Starcraft III Junker SCV, Probe and Drone Skins; Heroes of the Storm Nexus Razorback mount, Diablo III Murkromancer Pet, and a “mystery goodie” for Hearthstone.
    Blizzcon Merch
    New plushes: Pirate Pepe Plush, Raptor Plushie, Elekk Plushie
    Jaina Key Art Poster
    Ugly Holiday Greench Sweater
    Sylvanus Short Sleeved Hoodie
    Sargeras Shirt
    New pins and new patches for the goody bag - trying to encourage badge trading\

    Shaman challenge
    Proposed change to 2018 Naked & Afraid Challenge: any class, any spec (but choose once!) and on your honor to pick a class you’ve never successfully leveled to 110
    Demon hunter speed runs
    Shriekrunner - uses demon hunter’s mastery scaling at level 101 to get a minimum speed of 230% base speed - speed going up to 350-410%. Uses tricks, potions, and shortcuts - showed video of clearing old world dungeons in a total of 18 minutes, not counting travel time between dungeons (Gundrak clear took 13 seconds)
    Posts build and tricks in a linked Reddit thread

  • Posted on 12 Oct 2017

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    Episode 261, "Gating vs. Waiting"


    Ren -
    All shaman challenge!

    Lots of mog stuff in AQ this week
    Shaman challenge - got to 15 pretty fast. Was going to play more on Wed. but got sidetracked.

    This Week -
    Brewfest ends Friday - Harvest Festival mini holiday on Friday
    Darkmoon Faire ends Friday
    Next week: Pet Bonus Experience - 300% pet xp


    Legion Q&A
    No word on artifact appearances yet, but they’d like them to be mogs
    Exception - the shit you gotta work for :D
    Same with druid forms
    You can upgrade to 1000 the same way you did with 970
    No new legendaries being added to the loot table
    More MDI in the future.
    Wants to give more classes more utility
    Maxed followers needed for Antorus raid missions
    Argus whistle will be unlocked on all characters shortly
    Krokurun and Mac’aree world quests will NOT be account wide - story dependent
    AK goes up until 55
    Spider boss will be back
    Thinks that not everyone having everything is OK. But it’s not.
    problem - in vanilla you can work for it.
    There will be Sylvanas/Greymane story progression
    People still bitch about RNG (news at 11) - GATING OVER WAITING
    There will be better server connections
    No flying in Argus. Ever.
    PvP more character-specific.

    Shaman Challenge
    New names proposed (Xandara): Transcendental Elementals, Developmental Elementals, Nonjudgmental Elementals
    Naked & Afraid - “No Guild. No Gear. No Gold.”
    Will run a Naked & Afraid Challenge after the holidays
    Several Naked & Afraid Rules clarifications (posted on Discord #shamanchallenge channel)
    Tips from Ren and members of the Discord channel
    And Ren’s “do as I say not as I do” tips (how not to f**k up)
    Prize for completing the Shaman Challenge!

  • Posted on 05 Oct 2017

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    Episode 260, "Stoned Charlie Brown"


    Special guest Christy (@christylou) joins us!

    No, the Starlight Beacon does not work in Argus, but decent for Magic of Flight

    Siege of Orgrimmar is eternally long (w/Ali)
    Mount farming
    This week - 0
    Trying to finish up achievements in old raids…..for mounts :D
    Did ⅘ of the MoP dungeons - forgot to do the fifth.

    This week in WoW

    Brewfest continues
    Tomorrow starts Harvest Festival - honor a fallen hero (NOT the Pilgrim festival)

    New app on the Apple/Android stores.
    Chat with your friends!
    Argus unlocks on your alts!!
    “Appear Offline” coming “soon”
    Audio dramas - “1000 Years of War”
    Will be an expansion announcement at Blizzcon
    New project for Blizzard -- announcement of a job opening for Senior Client Engineer for a MMO real time strategy game on the Unity engine -- probably an iOS/Android game from the job description

  • Posted on 28 Sep 2017

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    Episode 259, "Need more coffee"


    Special guest Cara (@Xanadara) joins us!

    Finished Argus storyline
    Completely forgot about the new dungeon, will have to do that tonight.
    Yaaarrrr! Talk like a pirate day.
    New item - insult book
    If you’re wondering how to get Steamwheedle rep back - Silk cloth turn-ins
    Spent some time this week playing Fortnite

    OOPS I wiped my addons
    map error caused by Mappy “Large gathering nodes” checkbox
    lost my weakauras. mogit outfits. pet battle teams. adibags custom filters 😩
    remember to save your Interface and WTF folders every so often
    Raiding - the balance between casual and progression between beating normals and new raids coming out; hadn't had to do that yet in Legion but we did in Warlords
    My team got 3 heroics down! Woot! Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, and Harjatan
    Worked on Misstress Sass’zine for an hour, oy
    I'm trying to enjoy the new stuff and not rush through it, but I find myself having to be in the right mindset to focus and get really sucked in... vs just playing with audio/video on 2nd monitor - I want to learn the lore and pay attention to details but my perfectionism is sneaking up and keeping me from doing it because if it's not perfect why bother
    How's your digital declutter going with old bank mats?

    Mists of Pandaria timewalking is out
    Brewfest is out - til October 6th
    i880 gear from Coren Direbrew
    Stout Alemental
    Brewfest Keg Pony! (I still don’t have it….or the Headless Horseman)
    And who doesn’t want a sausage hat?
    2hr exp buff! Level your alts!
    Holiday mogs
    Hearthstone innkeeper’s tavern cookbook out Nov. 7
    Massive spoilers in 7.3.2. Why isn’t it 7.3.5?
    PTR Datamined ilevel 1000 legendary upgrade tokens
    “Book #54, a World of Warcraft novel, has been sent to the editor!”
    Junkertown is out in Overwatch, along with the changes to heroes.
    Eric is excited to take out Pharah with Mercy
    Volskaya on the Heroes PTR
    Blizzcon Virtual Ticket videos before Blizzcon!

  • Posted on 21 Sep 2017


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