World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft PodcastAuthor: Michael Gaines and Eric Rice
24 Aug 2017

World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.

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    Episode 254, "The race is on"

    Still feel like I’m waiting around for 7.3 - marking time
    Love the lighting effects in Dalaran
    Update on The Dead Files
    RL achievement: Banded first bald eagle of the year, posted picture on Twitter.

    Yes, there’s a level 1 mount
    SPriest is terrible at leveling, not bad in dungeons (but could be better)
    Leveled up my DH and *love it*
    Trial of Style!

    This week:
    Legion Dungeon event
    Spirit of Ech’ero mount for weekly archaeology
    Trial of Style mini-event starts today and goes til Tuesday
    5 players given 2 minutes to create a transmog based on a theme - some PTR themes have included Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Mismatched Mayhem, Fun and Flirty, Tabard Time, Faction Pride, Epic Purple, and of course, the ever popular Freestyle
    You can’t see what your competitors are doing as they appear to be wearing smocks to cover their transmogs until the unveiling
    Contestants are pulled onto a stage where people can vote on two at a time - strike a pose such as /wave, /cheer, or /dance
    After several rounds of voting, prizes are awarded, 1st through 3rd and Consolation. Contains Trial of Style tokens that can be traded for transmog gear in Dalaran
    Some complaints on forums of people getting kicked from scenario groups and getting a 30 minute deserter debuff

    7.3 - details will be announced at Gamescon via the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on Wed 23rd
    Also at Gamescon - WoW European Championship Finals, and two top Euro guilds (Nova and Set Sail for Fail) will race each other in a live mythic showdown

    Whispers of a Frightened World scenario live as of Tuesday
    Without spoilers: get a quest to go to Sholazar Basin and meet with Magni, to enter the Hall of Communion at Maker’s Overlook. Starts a scenario.
    Getting high reviews from people who have completed it
    New combat and casting animations shown
    Resto Druid
    Blood Elf Female Ranged Attack
    All Mage Specs
    Holy Priest
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Item level changes in 7.3
    Dungeon item level drops will be each going up one rung. Normal will move from 825 to 845; heroic from 845 to 865; mythic from 865 to 885.
    The Name Change that Didn’t
    Blizzard announced almost a year ago it was going to shift from “” to “Blizzard” for its online services
    Branding change fail: they decided they will become “Blizzard”
    Activision Blizzard Investor call - 2nd Q 2017 (April through June)
    Blizzard reported: All time record monthly active users, up 38% from last year
    All time record daily active users and Q2 record time spent
    Legion continues to outperform Warlords
    Overwatch monthly active users have increased each quarter since launch, rose to a new all time high in Q2
    Net revenues of over $3.3 billion (just Blizzard)
    Blizaard outperforming the other divisions (Activision and King). Activision has titles such as Call of Duty, Destiny and SKylanders, and King brings you Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch


  • Posted on 17 Aug 2017

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    Episode 253, "It's all about the burritos"

    What’s that thing in the sky?
    All of ToS is available in Raid Finder.
    Summer Games are out on Overwatch!
    Plea to Blizz to remove sharding on NA RP servers temporarily. Approved in two hours?
    Yes, true - because RP peeps wanted no sharding.
    Still no release date for 7.3 - unlikely to happen before Gamescon in Germany (August 22)
    Speculation it may not release until as late as October
    A few more bans for selling raids/progression for RL money - Blizzard clear selling them for in-game gold is absolutely not a violation
    Mythic Dungeon Invitational:
    Clears done; 7 of top 10 clears completed by Europe teams. 2 Americas and 1 APAC (and 6 out of 10 were Horde ppbbbbttt :D )
    Most popular dungeons: Vault of the Wardens (8/10), Halls of Valor (7/10), Neltharion’s lair (7/10), Black Rook Hold (6/10) Court of Stars (6/10 teams) and Eye of Aszhara (6/10)
    Rules deliberately vague on criteria for getting in - timing is just one factor

    Lunch with Thorn and Thyst
    Lots of thoughts on playing the priest (Disc, Shadow)

    Switched mains in Diablo 3
    Necro: lot of fun, tired of getting killed a lot
    Crusader: “good enough” DPS and don’t have to worry about getting blown up so much - running Blessed Hammer build with the Seeker of Light set
    Rep-a-palooza didn’t happen, but at least finished exalted with Darkmoon Faire

  • Posted on 10 Aug 2017

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    Episode 252, "Rainbringer"

    Still experiencing life invasions, still playing Diablo III (up to T11, level 50 GRifts)
    Haven’t had much time to do anything else

    Hit the 500k mark
    Started playing the warrior again - up to 17, but too early to tell if it’s a good fit because I can one-shot everything.
    Wanted to play the priest. No time.
    Timewalking mount

    This week in WoW
    Northrend Timewalking Dungeon Event
    Darkmoon Faire this weekend (8/6-13)
    New Darkmoon Dirigible mount coming in 7.3 for 180 tickets -- start saving now!
    New cat mount/pet

    We talk about today's Twitch Q&A session w/Ion.

    Other news

    7.3's Blood of Sargeras: Primal Sargerite
    new crafting reagent
    Transmute: Primal Sargerite (1 Primal Sargerite from 25 Blood of Sargeras)
    recipe comes from Alchemist Funen in a new zone, Krokuun
    Argus world quest rewqrds
    If you are revered with Armies of Legion, can purchase a shoulder enchant that will increase drop of Light's Fortune, which contains Primal Sargerite
    What requires Primal Sargerite:
    all kinds of new recipes for armor, jewelcrafting, engineering, alchemy
    example: Tears of the Naaru (shows all demons on minimap for 30 minutes)
    Primal Obliterum: needed to advance crafted armor to 935
    Why Icy Veins says to dump Defiled Augment Runes before patch 7.3
    "Patch 7.3 comes adds a new faction called Army of the Light and at Exalted you can buy a new BoP rune that has the exact same stats as the old one (Lightforged Augment Rune). It seems it won't get consumed on use, so Defiled Augment Rune will be relevant only by the time players reach Exalted with the new faction. "

  • Posted on 03 Aug 2017

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    Episode 251, "Stop draggin' my Ashbringer around"

    Life invasions > demon invasions
    WoW - still plugging away at exalted
    - finished Armies of Legionfall
    Diablo III -- Season 11 started 8 PM EST on July 20, running a necro
    - When I checked at 20 hours in, the highest season necro was level 70 and running level 86 greater rifts (GR 60= T13). I was level 8 and grateful for pants.
    - Necro is level 70 running T4 (GR 17)

    How to report a bot
    Related: Vial of the Sands no longer crowded on the AH

    This Week:
    - World Quest Bonus Event - rep gained with all Legion factions increased by 50%
    - World Awaits quest - 5k order resources for completing 20 world quests
    - Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl (July 31st)
    - find Tipsi Wobblerune outside your faction's inn in Dalaran - she will go to diffferent inns every few minutes (pay attention to chat)
    - each tavern will have Tavern Enthusiasts, new drinks and food
    - some short term items such as Tavern Finery (a hat), food or drink that changes your appearance
    - Hozen Pool Party on the Veiled Stair


    Changes to world bosses
    - bosses like Withered Jim
    - rotation is currently random but will be changed to a fixed rotation

    Raiding with Leashes V - The Cuteaclysm
    - Collect in Bastion of Twilight (3 pets), Blackwing Descent (3 pets), Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets), Firelands (4 pets), and Dragon Soul (3 pets).
    - 8 of the 15 pets are elemental pets. There are also 2 magic, 2 dragonkin, and 1 each of mechanical, undead, and beast.
    - Achievement reward is the Amalgam of Destruction, an elemental pet.
    - Christie Golden writing another novel. No idea what it’s about yet.
    - ToS Wing 3 on the PTR
    - No more XP or Vista support come October, except Overwatch
    - Russell Brower leaving Blizzard after 12 years.

    Aker sends us a lot of information about what it's like to be in Method.

  • Posted on 27 Jul 2017

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    Episode 250, "Wrestle with Thyst, prepare for the fist"

    Special guest host Thyst (@thyst03) from Lagging Balls fills in for Ren this week!

    5/9 Heroic ToS
    Friend’s Heroic Lockout before KJ BoE farming (10 man group can expect 5-7 drops, 25% warforge rate. i.e, 4 915s, 1-2 920s)
    Doing Deep Six Brawls
    Normal Four Piece

    Timewalking BT and dungeons done
    Timewalking Black Temple with Ali’s guild - so much fun!
    Key for Mana Tombs works in Timewalking
    Got people some xmog doing Mana Tombs twice
    Tried to fix sRaidFrame, but it's too far gone. Replacement - grid2? Z Perl?

    Did the quests for the legendary cloths.

    Finally i907!

    Method gets first Mythic Kil’Jaden kill (of course). Longest progression race since Al’Akir.
    654 wipes!!!

    19 new mounts in 7.3!

    What will be the new HotS hero? Tease from the Dark Portal.
    It’s Gary Hellscream!

    Doomfist will be available July 27

    Win/Lose rates for OW:

  • Posted on 20 Jul 2017


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