World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft PodcastAuthor: Michael Gaines and Eric Rice
28 Mar 2017

World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.

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    Episode 234, "Fishing raids?"

    Ren's back!
    What our two weeks have been in and out of the game.

    Blizzard bans people asking for real money for things like raid runs and mounts.
    Second relic trait removed from 7.2 and replaced with double AP from world quests.
    7.2 preview, including flying!

    Forum discussion of the week.

    Mod of the cast
    Ren: RelicHelper
    Mike: Mount Farm Helper

  • Posted on 16 Mar 2017

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    Episode 233, "I got a mount guy"

    Special guest host Cara (@Xandara) joins us again.

    Taking a break from WoW for a few days - pros and cons.
    Why there's a purpose to running so many alts.
    Cara talks about her Nighthold raid.
    Overwatch: new hero Orisa!
    Hearthstone: Un'Goro Crater expansion!
    The next archaeology quest is up.

    How to handle game burnout. How to let WoW work for you in and out of the game. Let WoW be your muse!

  • Posted on 02 Mar 2017

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    Episode 232, "Your herbs are probably dried out"

    Special guest Cara (@Xandara) joins the show today.

    We recorded just after the WoW Q&A ended, so we cover that today.
    Are raiders really getting burned out?
    Mike gets another character to 110 - a monk.
    Could alchemy and jewelcrafting be improved if you're starting a 1? (spoiler alert: yes).
    A few thoughts about starting a demon hunter (again)

    Cara's links to the WoW Q&A:
    Clarification on old AP tokens in 7.2:
    Artifact Knowledge catch-up tomes in 7.2:

  • Posted on 23 Feb 2017

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    Episode 231, "Mind the gap"

    How to not finish the class hall.
    Wike wins WoW (ok, not really).
    Spirit of Echer'o archaeology quest is up.
    Cataclysm Timewalking is this week.
    When doing Vault of the Wardens, please mind the gap.
    Mike's DK is now 110.
    Alt leveling guide.
    Your letters!

  • Posted on 16 Feb 2017

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    Episode 230, "But is it fun?"

    Ren gets an accidental 110 warlock using pet battles.
    Will Ren do an XP experiment? (spoiler: yes)
    Ren does Firelands for the first time.
    Mike spent more time with his hunter. Which does he like better - DK or hunter?
    How to get tailoring to 800 if your recipes are gray.

    What was with the WoW tokens/
    Pet Battles at 200% XP this week.
    Love is in the Air has started.

    New 7.2 info

  • Posted on 09 Feb 2017


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