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12 Jul 2020

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Madge Weinstein and Friends Crudely Satirize the World

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    Yeast Video: Madge Unboxing Medify Air Purifier

    I just bought the Medify MA-14W Medical Grade Filtration H13 HEPA Air Purifier to clean the air in my high rise office, as I return to work after my Covid-19 pandemic hibernation. I think work should provide these for everyone, but since they didn't I bought one for myself. This is my story. TRIGGER WARNING: This is probably the worst unboxing you have ever seen. I'm terrible at this. Medify is not a sponsor and I am not affiliated with them in any way. If, however, they think it would be nice to send me some replacement filters as a token of appreciate, I would gladly accept.

  • Posted on 10 Jul 2020

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    YR1472 The Letter

    So much to discuss for Madge on this hot Summer's day. Show notes: Pickle mono biden = band aid truck noise new video - unboxing of @medifyair hepa filter recommended by Stacy Herbert of The Keiser Report Cuomo Podcast still happening misophonia  comment on the blog join the discord for free: email breath stinks in my mask from 1st day back to beige bike masking birdwatcher forgiveness of Karen Mariame Kaba post Poppers Queen Nail salons and loose assholes PPP Fraud Fighting #covid-19 at the office with a song heroic hand washing both parties are complicit in PPP fraud disaster capitalism and #covid-19 Harpers Letter Cancel culture: my experience find me on Twitter: @bloatedlesbian Instagram: Madge Weinstein Email: Phone: FIRM UTERUS (yes it’s a real phone number)

  • Posted on 09 Jul 2020

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    YR1471 President West

    Madge takes a nice walk to the shore and disgusts many topics. Show notes: Don’t make the same mistake with Kanye that you made with Trumpfarting on peopleragan rat tailthanks to donors (Pedro, Rob, RedMonkey, BicycleMark, Gordon, who am I forgetting?beaching in chicago- trans overdose followed by beach closing and ass kissing1.7 billion for chicago police being wasted on fancy boats, helicopters, and gear, while teachers go broke and schools look horrible. Police have fancy toys. Teacher pay for their own crayons.Low paid EMT’s to a lot of grunt work that cops get credit for.Follow my instagram, MadgeWeinstein to see booty.Defund police. Divert some funds to help bring up poor neighborhoods.Broken windows theory = unproven nonsense like trickle down economics.Crime is reduced when people look out in their neighborhoods?Give the expensive police boats to the people so they can have fun.Kids dancing on cop cars.Taibbi on White Fragility Why does my dead dog have voice tweets before me? Vote extortion and medicare for all. Obamacare/ACA is expensive. Need medicare for all but we can’t have it because we have yet another existential threat who is bought and paid for by the for profit healthcare industry. Fuck that.How is it democracy if the vast majority of democrats didn’t get to vote in the primary?Why is it news when the only candidate wins?Fighting windmills instead of the healthcare industry. Don Quixote politics.Republicans always get worse. Whatever comes after Trump will be worse.I predicted Kanye years ago.Trump not wearing mask as a dog whistle saying that Covid-19 is a hoax.Will the news bury the inevitable Trump rally infections?Worn out, vaginally and otherwise.Beach is nice.porous clitorisdonate to $bloatedlesbian on cash app

  • Posted on 05 Jul 2020

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    YR1470 It and That

    Just a nice walk through the neighborhood with Madge. Topics included: Punching up/down.Cancellation rules.Karenism and white gay men.Ragan's back.Cancelling statues vs. culture.Tampon Tammy has a web site and a cash app.My new pronouns (it/that).Qanons running for office.No choice in voting.Eternal essential threats.Neoliberal Lori Lightfoot.Identity politics are for lazy people.

  • Posted on 01 Jul 2020

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    YR1469 Reclaiming Pride March June 28 2020 Unabridged

    Yesterday I attended this inspiring march and I present it here in it's entirety, including all the walking and chants. I did this for two reasons: 1. I think this is an important piece of history and should be preserved as a matter of historical record. 2. It gives the listenturd the opportunity to listen to the soundscape of the march a feel like they are actually walking there with us. It's a great experience. But if you just, want to hear certain speakers, you can use the chapter markers in most podcatchers such as Pocketcasts, which is the one I use. Image from Block Club Chicago/Jake Wittich Please visit and click the link to send an email to her lawyer to show support to the court. Also please support Brave Space Alliance. For Information:Ashabi Owagboriaye, Pride Without Prejudice / Reclaim Pride March,, 312.623.2282 Radical LGBTQ Pride March TodayReplaces Corporate Parade LGBTQ activists have seized on the opportunity posed by the cancellation of Chicago's commercialized Pride Parade to launch a truly community-driven march beginning at 12 noon, Sunday, June 28th at the "Belmont" Red & Brown lines el station.  The event will focus on community members, especially Black and Trans people, who are typically marginalized or tokenized at white-led Pride events. Rather than a parade filled with corporate floats advertising themselves and passive onlookers along the sidelines, this will be a participatory march of the community itself.  It will be a protest, not a party. The march will unapologetically highlight issues of racism, police violence, and the obscene amount of money spent on militarized police, and a military which polices the world. In so doing, participants will be honoring the rich, but largely forgotten history of the Stonewall Rebellion and the movement that followed it. Not only was Stonewall a rebellion against police violence, fighting racism was also a core principle of the movement that came immediately after it. The early LGBTQ movement organized many actions against racism and police violence and in solidarity with the Black Panther Party, leading the BPP to become the first large "non-LGBTQ" organization to embrace what at the time was called "gay liberation." Like today's #blacklivesmatter movement with its demand to defund the police, the early, post-Stonewall LGBTQ movement recognized that resources spent on repression deprived communities of needed resources. As such and in solidarity with peoples abroad, the movement organized into chapters known as the "Gay Liberation Front," named after the National Liberation Front in Vietnam. GLF proudly organized in the anti-war movement of that era.  The movement was "intersectional" before that term had been invented. So, for example, Lesbian and Bisexual women helped radicalize the women's movement of its time, challenging its entrenched homophobia and respectability politics. In so doing they helped contribute to the legalization of abortion in 1973. Demands of today's march include: -- Our goal is to reclaim Pride from white profiteers and huge corporations and return it to the people, especially our black community. -- We want to refocus and remember that Pride began with Black, Brown and Trans lives. We want bars and events to not only include, but showcase and feature the black, brown, trans, femme, lesbian, non-binary, ballroom and all other underrepresented communities on all promotions and advertisements for without these communities we would not have any of the achievements we have today. -- We want to defund the police, fund our communities, and redistribute wealth.  -- We want community control of the police, with an elected civilian police accountability council that can promptly fire brutal cops and the police superintendent. CPAC now! -- The Stonewall Movement was against state violence, whether at home or abroad, opposing police terror against the Black Panther Par...

  • Posted on 30 Jun 2020


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