Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training SchoolAuthor: Philip Urso
22 Jan 2017

Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training School

These are live Vinyasa Yoga classes for students who already know basic alignment and want to flow. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Philip Urso, Renee Deslauriers and other teachers of Live Love Teach Yoga School. We specialize in teaching Yoga Teachers the skills and presence to teach dynamic, mindfulness-based Vinyasa Yoga classes. Philip also posts "A Crash Course in Miracles" on iTunes. More info at or

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    GoPro VIDEO- Synchronized Vinyasa Yoga Class- 1.3 Gig

    (Heads-up- this is a video of whole hour class - Bigger than usual file, 1.3 gig.) 

    We thought it would be fun to Go-Pro one of our synchronized vinyasa classes. It was the 2015 Thanksgiving morning class at Rhode Island Power Yoga. The class was co-taught by Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers. They both had a head-mounted go-pro - so you get their view - plus there were two more fixed go-pros.

    This is a good example of a Synchronized Vinyasa Yoga class as taught by the LIVE LOVE TEACH Yoga Teacher Training School.

  • Posted on 16 Dec 2015

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    Philip Urso from Unhindered and Unbound YTT 115


    When Philip asks you to match group breath - soon after you will follow the vinyasa listening to the group breath only- with no cues from Philip...just the breath to repeat/follow the previous salutation. 

    TEACHERS notice how Philip inserts "how yoga works" language.



  • Posted on 29 Jan 2015

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    Lauren Lewey From LLT Unhindered and Unbound 115

    Lauren owns Firefly Yoga in Enterprise AL.  She is a 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certified by Live Love Teach

  • Posted on 15 Jan 2015

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    Renee Deslaurier - Live Love Teach - Vinyasa Class

    Class begins 1.5 minutes into recording. 


    "Lay down your arms, and come without defense into the quiet place where Heaven's peace holds all things still at last."  ACIM L.190

  • Posted on 30 Jun 2014

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    Mandy Roush Live Love Teach VInyasa Class

    NOTE: Class starts at about 6 minutes into the recording.  Skip ahead, or if you are interested in Eating Disorders and Yoga, LLT graduate Chelsea Roff describes her work as Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, a non-profit organization that prevents and helps individuals fully recover from eating disorders through yoga.

    Mandy Roush is co-founder of Root Down Yoga with her husband Nick. She is a Live Love Teach Facilitator and travels to studios to introduce Live Love Teach teacher principles to the teachers.  If interested,

    A lot of what makes this class powerful is what she is NOT saying and NOT doing...

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2014


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